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Garden Vegetables

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3in the USA, a tall green plant with large, yellow seeds on long ears, fed to cattle or eaten cooked by people (4)
6any of a variety of peppers with a hot, spicy taste, used fresh or dried in cooking (5)
8a small, round, green seed that grows in long pods and is eaten as a vegetable (3)
9any of a variety of vegetables with a hard or firm rind (skin) and seeds inside (6)
10a seasoning powder made from sweet red peppers (7)
11a plant with a thick red root eaten as a vegetable (4)
12a white or yellow root vegetable whose tops are often cooked like spinach (6)
14of a variety of leafy salad plants (7)


1a long round green-skinned vegetable related to the squash (8)
2a long, green bean (6,4)
4a small, hot-tasting, usu. round root, usu. red on the outside and

white on the inside, eaten raw and in salads (6)
5a long, round fruit with green skin and crisp white flesh, or the plant it grows on (8)
7a plant whose orange-colored root
is eaten as a vegetable (6)
13a round or oval, starchy root vegetable, usu. with white flesh and brown, red, or yellow skin (6)


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