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The Useful Utility Room

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3a flat pan used when sweeping to pick up dust and refuse (7)
6a machine that picks up dust and dirt in a strong current of air (6,7)
7a strong liquid chemical used to whiten clothes (6)
8an open, light-weight container made of straw, reeds, or strips or wood (6)
9cleaning equipment made of a sponge or rope-like pieces at the end of a long handle (3)
11a small household machine used to smooth wrinkles (4)


1a substance, like strong soap, used to clean surfaces (8)
2a sticky liquid sprayed or put on clothes to stiffen them (6)

4a strong synthetic soap made to remove dirt and stains caused by grease, tea, blood, etc. (9)
5a round container with an open top (6)
8a cleaning tool made of long, stiff bristles attached to a handle (5)
10a large metal or plastic container (4)


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