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Swinging from the Trees

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2the covering of a tree or woody plant (4)
4tall hardwood tree that grows small nuts called acorns (3)
5a tree with pink or white flowers (7)
7a small branch (4)
8an arm, leg, or wing of an animal (4)
9related to shedding or falling off (9)
12a type of tree found in tropical climates with no branches and large, long leaves at the top (4)
14the pointed leaf of a pine tree (6)
16a tall, straight tree, found mainly in cool climates, with small, thin, sharp leaves (called ``needles") that remain green throughout the year and woody, brown fruit (called ``cones") (4)
17wood cut to various lengths and sizes for building houses, furniture, etc. (6)


1the main stem of a tree (5)
3the hard material below the bark of trees (4)
6a tree with narrow leaves (6)
7tall, woody evergreen or deciduous

plant with a trunk, branches, and leaves (4)
10area that does not receive sunlight (5)
11a wild plant that is not wanted in a yard or garden (4)
13a tall shade tree that produces a sugary liquid (5)
15a tall, leafy shade tree (3)
18northern tree with smooth white bark (5)
19the part of a plant that grows downward into the soil and brings food and water into the plant (4)


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