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Transportation Terms

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2limousine (4)
3a small car with a back door that swings up (9)
7a vehicle larger than a car used to carry things (5)
8a truck used to tow other vehicles (3,5)
9an airplane, glider, or other flight vehicle (8)
12a large, often public vehicle used to carry passengers (3)
13a car with two or four doors and a trunk (5)


1an aircraft with one or two motorized blades on its top (10)
4an open vessel smaller than a ship that sails on water (4)
5a public transportation system with trains that run underground (6)

6type of boat used to transport passengers and goods between two or more locations that are close
to each other (5)
10a car that carries passengers for a fare (3)
11a line of vehicles, such as railroad cars pulled by a locomotive, subway cars, etc (5)


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