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Tools of the Trade

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1a fruit with a hard shell or its seed (3)
3a metal bar used to lock doors, windows, etc. (4)
5tool with metal or wooden teeth and a long handle, often used for collecting fallen leaves, small stones, etc (4)
7a metal tool that adjusts to tighten or loosen things (6)
10a long knife used in farm work or as a weapon (7)
12a piece of equipment used for climbing (6)
13a flat round piece of metal or rubber with a hole (6)
15a pair of pincers used for holding, twisting, or cutting (6)
16a tool or machine with a sharp, rough edge and handle used for cutting wood or metal (3)
17a rubber suction cup on a long handle used for clearing blocked pipes (7)
19two-pronged tool with a screw handle that tightens against an object to hold the object so that it can be worked on (4)


1a small, thin, metal rod with a sharp point on the end, used to hold things together or to keep them in place (4)
2a hard, flat surface of wood or metal on which work is done (9)
3a bar (on a bridle) that goes into a horse's mouth to control it (3)

4a flat, metal, triangular-shaped tool with a handle used for gardening and laying down cement (6)
6a tool with a handle and metal head used for pounding (6)
8a saw used to cut metal (7)
9a curved metal or plastic surface with a handle used to pick up dirt, snow, etc (6)
11a flexible tube (4)
14a tool with a long, sharp metal shaft that turns to bore holes (5)
16a small, nail-like object with spiral indents, put into wood or metal with a turning motion (5)
18a sticky liquid or solid that joins things together (4)


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