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1. a game played by two teams of five players each who throw a large ball through a basket to score points
4. the outdoor area where golf is played, with nine or 18 holes
7. boot with wheels or a blade attached, worn to slide along
8. to travel by boat
10. the game of rolling a ball on a flat surface
11. one of 14 standard sticks used to hit a golf ball
14. a long, rounded piece of metal or wood used to strike a baseball
15. the sport of doing various acrobatic exercises to develop strength, balance, etc.
16. a sport of two teams of 11 players each, who kick a ball into nets at either end of a rectangular field (called ``football" outside the USA)
17. the sport of using a bow to shoot arrows at targets
19. in USA, a sport played by two 11- person teams with the object of carrying or passing the ball over the opponent's goal line
22. a game in which people try to hit a small hard ball with a special stick (a club) into a small hole over a large outdoor course
23. a board with four wheels on which one stands and rolls along a surface
25. a hitting of the ball back and forth between opponents
26. to bend at the waist
27. a material made of string, wire,

etc., knotted or twisted together, used for a specific purpose
28. one of two upright pieces of wood or metal used to mark the scoring area


2. to ride the ocean's waves as they break in approaching the shore, esp. while standing on a narrow board (surfboard)
3. a game played on a field by nine players on each team who hit the ball with a bat and run around four bases to score
4. a score in some sports, such as

soccer or hockey
5. the sport of sliding down or across snowy surfaces on skis
6. one of several types of machines that move skiers to the top of a hill or mountain
7. the sport of sliding down or across snowy surfaces on skis
9. to bounce (a basketball)
12. a boot with a sharpened steel blade used to move over ice
13. an ice-skating sport in which one team uses curved sticks to shoot a small, round disk into the other
team's goal
18. to ride on a bicycle or motorcycle
20. a long thin piece of wood, metal, or plastic with a point at one end and feathers at the other
21. a swimming pool, usu. made of cement or stone
22. a goalkeeper
24. game played on a court with two or four players who use rackets to hit the ball over a net, so that the opponent(s) cannot hit it back


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