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Outer Space

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1. an area with a hard surface and supporting equipment from which spacecraft are launched
6. the second planet from the sun
8. a person who flies into outer space
9. any of thousands of usu. irregularly shaped heavenly bodies
10. a cigar-shaped missile used to destroy military targets or to launch space vehicles
11. the moon when fully lit by the sun so that it appears completely round
13. the fourth planet in the solar system, between Earth and Jupiter
14. the Sun, Earth, eight other planets, moons, comets, etc., that move around the sun
17. a vehicle that flies in space
19. the natural satellite that orbits earth
20. the partial or complete blocking out of one object when another passes in front
23. a small body of matter from outer space that burns up when it enters the earth's atmosphere
24. the seventh planet from the sun
25. a spacecraft
26. a path in space followed by a planet, moon, or spacecraft
27. related to a moon, esp. the earth's
28. planet we live on


2. a grouping of stars that looks

like an animal or other thing
3. the science of outer space, of heavenly bodies, and related phenomena
4. related to astronomy
5. the closest planet to the sun
7. a vehicle that carries astronauts into space in order to do research and gather information
8. a scientist who studies heavenly
bodies and outer space
12. Unidentified Flying Object, a space vehicle from another planet
15. the area of a spaceship where people live and work
16. a fast-moving heavenly body with a solid head surrounded by a glowing cloud of gases that circles the sun
17. the star around which the Earth and other planets revolve and draw
light, heat, and energy
18. an optical instrument used to make distant objects seem larger
21. in the earth's solar system, the ninth planet farthest from the sun
22. the fifth planet from the sun
25. a bright, hot ball of gas in the sky, the closest one being our sun, and the others seen at night as dots of light


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