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Science Experiment

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2. an object, esp. metal, with a magnetic field that attracts iron and steel
4. to move s.t. across a surface
5. the smallest unit of matter, a nucleus surrounded by protons and electrons
7. ordered, precise (thought, methods, etc.)
8. a utensil with a wide opening on top leading into a narrow bottom and used to control the flow of a liquid
9. a test done to see if s.t. works or happens
12. air-like substance, which usu. cannot be seen, that is not a liquid or solid
14. to cut apart for analysis
16. a hollow cylinder made of glass or plastic used for experiments
21. a clear, glass container for liquids
23. a person who observes s.t. without participating, such as a spectator, official, etc
24. s.t. (usu. written) that proves that an event happened, including records of business transactions, scientific data, cultural, or other human activities
26. the group of sciences including physics, astronomy, and chemistry
27. a specially equipped room for doing experiments and other exploratory work
28. an instrument for weighing things


1. (in medicine) an instrument used to hold firmly and pull, such as one occasionally used in childbirth
3. any of more than one hundred basic chemical substances
4. a person who works in science
6. the smallest unit of the elements of a substance

7. not liquid or gas
10. an examination, quiz to measure knowledge or ability
11. physical substance that has weight and takes up space
13. an optical instrument that uses lenses to make small objects appear larger
15. one of many areas of study, such as sociology, history, psychology, and economics, that examine people's relationships with each other and with the world
17. the science of the chemistry of living things
18. the science and study of life
19. viewing, watching
20. to view, watch, esp. for anything unusual
22. (in chemistry) a pot in which metals are melted
25. an effect, a consequence of an action


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