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1. mathematics
3. in USA, a school for grades 9-12 or 10-12
8. dance, music, painting, sculpture, poetry, plays, and other writings
10. an educational class level
14. the study of past events (people, civilizations, etc.)
17. late, overdue
18. in USA, a school between elementary and high school, usu. with grades five through eight
19. meeting between teacher and students for educational purposes
20. in the USA, a diploma from a university or four-year college
24. the courses offered at an educational institution (school, college, etc.)
25. a large sports hall, usu. with seats for people to watch games
26. the average of a student's marks in which 4.0 is considered perfect
27. the science of matter, how it is structured, and how it combines and changes
28. being absent from work or school without a good reason


2. in USA, the room to which students go first in a school day
4. in the USA, elementary school; first through fifth or sixth grades
5. a team that plays at an easier level of competition than varsity

6. the school team playing at the highest level (not the junior varsity or JV)
7. a storage compartment, such as one in a row of metal cabinets used for keeping work clothes, athletic equipment, etc.
9. a restaurant where customers serve themselves
11. a school or college program
designed to teach students how to play sports, exercise, and maintain good health
12. in the USA, a two-year college that offers the first two years of a four-year curriculum along with other courses of study
13. the group of sciences including physics, astronomy, and chemistry
15. the act of learning
16. in the USA, an institution of higher or professional education
21. human communication by systems of written symbols, spoken words, and movements
22. schoolwork for students to do at home
23. a person, such as a professor, whose job is to instruct others


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