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Preparing Food

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1. tool with a handle and sharp blade for cutting things
3. a dish with upward curved sides
5. the chemical compound sodium chloride, used to flavor food
7. a shallow pan with a handle used for frying food
8. an acid-tasting liquid made from wine, malt, etc
12. a measure of 8 fluid ounces or 16 tablespoons
14. a unit of weight equal to 1/16 of a pound (approx. 28 g
15. to take the skin off a piece of fruit or vegetable
16. a common hot-tasting powder used to flavor food and improve taste, made from the dried berries of a tropical plant
18. a V-shaped tool used to hold and lift things
20. a cooking tool with a broad, flat end, used to turn food in a pan or to scrape soft food from a bowl
21. to cook (meat, fish) with direct heat
23. a device used to measure and show temperature
24. a large cooking pot, usu. with a lid
26. a stove for cooking
29. a measure of weight equal to one 1,000th of a kilogram or, about .04 oz.
31. a book of recipes for preparing food to eat
32. to move s.t. (such as a spoon) in a circular motion through a liquid or mixture
33. flat, round, metal container with low sides and a handle, used in cooking

34. to cook at a high temperature, as in an oven
35. spices and other flavoring added to food


2. to cook in a fatty substance, such as butter or vegetable oil
4. a kitchen tool used to quickly mix or beat liquid
5. sweet substance, usu. in the form of fine white crystals, obtained from plants, added to or used in cooking and preparing foods and drinks
6. to cook meat and other food on a

metal grill over an open fire, usu. outside
7. instrument for eating, with a handle and at least two long points
9. a long, round wooden or metal kitchen tool used to make food (such as cookie dough) flat
10. to make into small pieces by rubbing against a rough surface
11. a frame of metal bars on which food is cooked, usu. outside
12. to cut into small pieces
13. to let flow, make s.t. stream out
15. a seasoning powder made from sweet red peppers
16. a large, flat dish with a raised border, used to hold food
17. a flat dish with raised border, used to hold food
18. a large spoon used for measuring and eating food
19. an herb used to flavor food
22. a food decoration
25. a spoon holding approx. 1/3 of a tablespoon or 1/4 fluid ounce
27. a brown spice made from seeds
28. to cook in an oven usu. slowly, for a long time
30. a liquid measure equal to 33.824 ounces or 1.057 quarts
31. to cut (meat, vegetables) into pieces


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