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A Whole Crop of Plants

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2tall hardwood tree that grows small nuts called acorns (3)
5tall, woody evergreen or deciduous plant with a trunk, branches, and leaves (4)
7having roots that live for more than two years (9)
8a part of a plant, usu. flat and green, growing from its stem or a branch (4)
9a climbing plant, such as ivy or grape (4)
11a tree with pink or white flowers (7)
12a green desert plant with sharp needles (6)
14the colorful part of a plant or the plant itself (6)


1the part of a plant that grows downward into the soil and brings food and water into the plant (4)

3related to shedding or falling off (9)
4a tall shade tree that produces a sugary liquid (5)
6any of a family of trees and shrubs with shiny, pointed leaves
and red berries, used for Christmas decorations (5)
10a green plant with shiny leaves that can cover the ground or climb the walls of buildings (3)
13a planting and harvest of grain, vegetables, or fruit (4)
15a tall, leafy shade tree (3)


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