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Good Personal Hygiene

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3paint used to cover and beautify fingernails and toenails (4,6)
7soft thread used to clean teeth (5)
8sweetened, gritty paste used to clean teeth (10)
9a flat piece of plastic (wood, metal) with teeth used to neaten the hair (4)
11a sharp cutting instrument (5)
12a substance that contains a perfume to hid unpleasant smells, esp. of the human body (9)
13a brush with a handle used to clean teeth (10)
15a pleasant, attractive odor (7)
16cosmetics used mainly on the upper eyelid to highlight the eyes (3,6)


1paper tissue used for hygienic purposes (6,5)
2a cream for the hair that makes it

easier to comb (11)
4a liquid or solid cleaning substance (4)
5a type of perfume (7)
6a liquid soap for cleaning the hair (7)
10a tool made of bristles (of nylon,
wire, hair, etc.) on a hard back (5)
14red makeup put on the cheeks (5)


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