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1. a narrow, pointed instrument, usu. made of wood with a carbon center, used for writing or drawing
7. a man who does business
8. disk, a thin flat circular plate
10. a person employed to get files for use and then put them back
12. a small electronic device for doing math
15. a machine used to make copies of s.t., a photocopier
17. any small, heavy object used to hold down papers
20. a document sent electronically through telephone lines
21. a person who greets and directs people at a business entrance
25. a large envelope, usu. strong, used for mailing things
26. a stamp with printing on it and made of rubber
27. a card on which a worker's hours at work are noted
29. a time, place, and date to see
32. an electronic device that stores and allows changes in information through the use of instructions (programs) to do various types of tasks, like word processing and accounting
33. an office tool that holds staples (1) and presses them through paper, wood, etc.
34. a sticky liquid or solid that joins things together


2. a covered bundle of wires that carries electronic messages
3. a piece of furniture like a table, usu. with drawers and used to write on
4. memorandum

5. the name of a computer file
6. a paper cover for letters (documents, computer disks, products, etc.)
9. booklet containing information about products, school courses, etc.
10. a container for documents, made of a folded piece of heavy paper
11. a circular piece of rubber that can stretch and wrap around things to hold them together
13. a small, portable computer
14. a written message, usu. sent by mail
15. Compact Disc - Read Only Memory,(in computers) a disk that
holds up to 600k of information, but the information usu. cannot be changed
16. instrument used to write or draw in ink
18. machines, esp. computer equipment
19. thin, smooth material made from the fibers of wood or cotton and cut into sheets to be used for writing, wrapping, or covering
20. a folder, box, cabinet, space on a computer disk, etc. used for holding information
22. a device attached to a computer, used for making paper copies of material produced on the computer
23. the surface on which a film or
television show is seen
24. in a computer, a set of instructions that lets a person perform certain tasks, such as word processing, adding numbers, or reading information on the Internet; software is not part of the machine itself
28. a small device for controlling computer functions
30. a place on the outside of a computer where you plug in a cable that connects the computer to other devices, such as a printer
31. strips of adhesive material


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