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A Job Well Done

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1. a person who plays recorded music on the radio or in a disco
3. the head of a school
6. a person who makes, repairs, and/or sells jewelry
7. a person who writes a work (book, article, poem, etc.)
10. a person hired to take care of a private house or supervise workers in hotel rooms
11. a person in charge of cleaning and fixing things in a building
13. the profession of examining the eyes for problems and writing prescriptions for eyeglasses
15. a physician
16. a member of the National Association of Realtors; a real- estate agent, a person who sells real estate
17. a person who prepares and cooks food
18. a person who operates equipment
23. a person who writes music and/or words for songs
24. a person who flies an aircraft
26. a business or person who moves furniture, etc
27. a person who runs for elected office, such as president, governor, mayor, or congress
28. a detective
29. a person who performs a service, esp by waiting on others


2. a person who earns a living by making and building things with wood
4. a person who paints, such as a worker or artist
5. s.o. whose job is to sell goods and services, a salesperson
8. a person specially trained to take care of sick, injured, or old people
9. a person who greets and directs

people at a business entrance
11. a public official in charge of a court of law who determines what the law is and gives penalties to guilty persons and rewards those who have been wronged
12. a person or company that funds and presents entertainment
13. skilled person who makes lenses for eyeglasses
14. a person who owns or runs a flower shop
19. a person skilled in the healing of disease or disorders
20. a person who flies into outer space
21. a person who helps customers and sells things, esp. in a store
22. a worker who installs and fixes pipes, drains, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, etc.
25. a person who creates art, such as a painter or musician


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