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Home Sweet Home

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4. a movable panel to permit entrance to or exit from a building, room, vehicle, etc.
5. a paved or unpaved roadway leading to a garage or house
6. an opening in a building, usu. covered with glass
7. a room in a house in which games are played
9. a space built into the wall of a building, made of brick or stone, in which fires are set
10. a small, usu. inexpensive, simply built house
12. an architectural drawing showing the size and location of walls, doors, and windows of a building or a specific space within a building
18. a private institution dedicated to the care of the elderly
20. a swimming pool, usu. made of cement or stone
21. the land behind and belonging to a house
22. housing, usually in an apartment building, in which each apartment is privately owned
24. large, expensive house with land
25. the room in a home where people sit, often to talk, read, or entertain
26. an area of cut grass
27. the large metal pipe or hollow brick structure for passing smoke from a fire or furnace into the open air
28. a building where a vehicle is kept


1. restroom, room with a bath and toilet
2. a structure made of various materials, such as wood or wire, designed to prevent people or animals from entering or leaving an area
3. the bottom surface area inside a building

4. an apartment or house that has two living quarters
5. a bell rung to show s.o. is at a door
8. a room or set of rooms designed as living space in a building or house
10. condominium
11. a small house made of metal that can be pulled by a car or truck
13. a machine or a system used to cool air in buildings
14. a rod, wire, dish, etc., used to
receive or send electronic signals
15. the place where one lives
16. room for relaxation and study
17. an apartment-building employee usu. in uniform who opens doors and announces visitors
19. a one-level house
21. a room for sleeping
23. an area usu. behind or in front of a house


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