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Know Your Geography

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3a tall formation of land and rock higher than a hill (8)
4a large body of water around which the land bends (3)
5a flat low area shaped like a triangle (triangle) made by a river entering a sea (5)
6a pasture, land with grass and few trees (6)
8a hill or mountain formed by hot, melted rock escaping from beneath the earth (7)
10sudden, violent movements of the earth's surface (10)
13a low area of land between hills and mountains (6)


1a forest with a daily rainfall and very thick growth of trees and other plants (4,6)

2piece of land completely surrounded by water (6)
4a sandy area by a lake or ocean (5)
7the great body of salt water
covering more than 70 percent of the earth's surface (5)
9large body of fresh water (4)
11a large body of water that moves
in one direction between two river banks (5)
12an elevation of land shorter than a mountain (4)


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