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Working in the Garden

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2a living organism that usu. grows in the earth and has roots, stems, leaves, and seeds, and which differs from animals in not being able to move on its own and in making its own food from sunlight, soil, and water (5)
4a flexible tube (4)
5a machine used to cut grass (4,5)
8an open area next to a house paved with slate, cement, or brick and used for outdoor eating, sitting, etc. in good weather (5)
9tool with metal or wooden teeth and a long handle, often used for collecting fallen leaves, small stones, etc (4)
10a row of bushes, shrubs (5)
12a wild plant that is not wanted in a yard or garden (4)
13owner of a plantation (7)


1to cut off parts of plants (5)
2the seasonal activity of starting a new crop by putting seeds in the ground (8)
3a plant with leaves, used esp. for

decoration around buildings and in parks (5)
6a small cart with one wheel and handles for pushing, used for moving small loads (11)
7tall, woody evergreen or deciduous
plant with a trunk, branches, and leaves (4)
11to break up or turn over earth (3)
12a colorless liquid made of hydrogen and oxygen that is necessary for life (5)


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