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Fruit Salad

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2a small green citrus fruit (4)
8a pear-shaped tropical fruit with a green interior (7)
9a small, red, sweet fruit with tiny seeds, high in vitamin C (10)
10a round fruit with red, green, or yellow skin and a sweet, juicy flesh (5)
12a small, peach-like fruit (7)
14juicy, round, yellowish pink color fruit with a fuzzy skin and a large, rough seed (5)


1small, dark berries (9)
3a sweet, slightly acid, tropical fruit with yellow flesh (5)
4a thorny plant of the rose family and its red or black fruit (9)
5a tropical tree with large, greenish-yellow fruit, or the

fruit itself (6)
6a small round fruit, usu. green or dark purple, that grows in bunches and can be used to make wine (5)
7a sweet, juicy fruit with a green,
yellow, or brownish skin that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom (4)
11a round fruit with smooth, often deep purple skin and juicy flesh (4)
13a round, orange-colored fruit with thick skin and sweet, juicy flesh, or the tree it grows on (6)


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