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1. a thick, white, semisolid food made from milk or cream, used in cooking, esp. in soups, sauces, and on baked potatoes
4. a dish with upward curved sides
5. any of a variety of water birds with short, plump bodies, rounded beaks, and webbed feet
9. a large, green, oval-shaped fruit with a sweet, juicy, pink interior
12. a fish with reddish-pink flesh
13. a V-shaped tool used to hold and lift things
14. small, roundish bread
17. a Mexican bread of corn meal made in a thin layer and cooked on a grill
18. a round melon with rough skin and sweet, light-orange insides
21. a shallow pan with a handle used for frying food
22. a soft, white, smooth cheese made of milk and cream
26. a small, round, green seed that grows in long pods and is eaten as a vegetable
27. a round section of seasoned meat
29. grain, like wheat and oats, or food made of it
30. a green plant with long stems that are cooked and eaten
32. a large spoon used for measuring and eating food
34. to let flow, make s.t. stream out
35. a spoon holding approx. 1/3 of a tablespoon or 1/4 fluid ounce
36. a grain of the cereal grass family of ancient origin that is used for food and grows in watery areas
38. a small green citrus fruit
39. a tropical plant with a fruit that is brown and rough on the outside and has a sweet, yellow, juicy flesh on the inside


2. to cook at a high temperature, as in an oven
3. a substitute for butter made from vegetable oils
4. the meat of cattle
6. plant in the cabbage family whose white, densely flowered head is eaten as a vegetable
7. salted, smoked meat from a pig's side
8. long, thin pasta, usu. eaten by winding it around a fork
10. any usu. box-shaped device used for cooking, baking, and heating food and other things
11. a small, sweet orange

14. yellowish fat made from milk or cream and used in cooking
15. 1,000 grams, or 2.2 pounds (lbs.)
16. gas in the air made by heated water under pressure
19. a small, peach-like fruit
20. a flat, round cake cooked until brown and made of flour, milk, eggs, and butter
22. food contents of a casserole
23. a plant with edible fruit shaped like a pear, usu. with purple skin
24. in the USA, a tall green plant with large, yellow seeds on long ears, fed to cattle or eaten cooked by people
25. to move s.t. (such as a spoon) in a circular motion through a liquid
or mixture
26. a food dish of fruit, meat, or other foods cooked in a pastry crust
28. to add spices or flavoring to food
29. a small, round, usu. dark-red fruit that grows on a tree
31. a sweet, juicy fruit with a green, yellow, or brownish skin that is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom
32. the lining of a cow's stomach
33. to cook (meat, fish) with direct heat
34. to take the skin off a piece of fruit or vegetable
37. a measure of 8 fluid ounces or 16 tablespoons


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