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Working at the Factory

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1. pay at the regular hourly rate plus 50%, such as $20 per hour = $30
5. anything produced with materials and labor, goods and services
7. of a variety of devices, some with humanlike characteristics, programmed to perform various chores
8. to organize a group of workers into joining in a union
9. a small object placed in the ears to keep out water or sound
11. a person who works
13. a platform onto which cargo is unloaded and moved into or out of a warehouse
15. boss of a group of workers
16. the relationship between how many quality products and services each worker or industry can produce in a given time
18. a record of hours an employee has worked
20. a card on which a worker's hours at work are noted
21. a netting or mesh placed over the hair
22. a person who supervises others and their work
23. in USA, a helmet worn by construction workers to keep them from being hurt


2. machines as a group
3. a container containing chemicals under pressure that are shot through a hose to put out fires
4. plastic glasses that protect the eyes
6. a person or business that owns s.t.

10. an organization of workers
11. a building where goods are received, stored, and shipped
12. the conversion of raw materials, manufacture or assembly of parts and products, into finished goods and services
14. the taking of goods to a place of
business, a home, etc
17. a vehicle with two long narrow pieces of steel in front used to lift and carry heavy loads
19. a piece of equipment that uses power to do work


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