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3. a long and complex musical composition to be performed by an orchestra, usu. in four parts
5. a theatrical production, such as a drama or musical
6. a type of video disc that holds a large amount of music, video, or text
10. a type of dancing with formal movements, usu. to classical music
11. a room or building used to display or sell art, usu. smaller than a museum
14. a motion picture, film
15. a musical event
16. a usu. large group of musicians who play music on instruments, such as the violin and horns
18. having ability in art or sensitivity to it
20. making or expressing of that which is beautiful: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, drama, dance, etc.
21. a social event to which people come to talk, drink, eat, and have fun
22. a building, such as for movies, or outdoor shell with seats for the audience and a stage for performers
23. moving the body rhythmically, usu. in tune with music
24. an activity or sport, often with rules, that people play
26. a person who creates art, such as a painter or musician
27. the art of putting sounds in a rhythmic sequence
29. related to music
30. the presentation before an

audience of a ceremony or work of art (drama, music, dance, etc.)


1. related to television images
2. a theater art in which a story is set to music
3. a person who sings
4. do or complete a task
5. a set of usu. 52 cards marked with the numbers one through ten or a picture and a suit (spades, clubs, hearts, or diamonds), used for

playing various games
7. manager and guide
8. a piece of music that is sung
9. written works, such as novels, poems, and plays, and commentary about them
10. a female ballet dancer
12. a person who acts in plays or movies
13. a wooden platform attached to a house
17. a group of s.t.
18. a place, esp. a showroom, to display works of art, such as
paintings, sculpture, etc.
19. of exaggerated behavior, dramatic
21. a person who performs for an audience, such as a singer, dancer, actor, musician, etc
25. a person who writes, sings, or plays music
27. a place that displays rare, valuable, and important art or historical objects
28. pages of words kept together with a paper or hard cover


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