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Computer Terms

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2. device used to control the movements and direction of a model airplane, a video-game character, etc.
7. a covered bundle of wires that carries electronic messages
10. a small device for controlling computer functions
11. Compact Disc - Read Only Memory, (in computers) a disk that holds up to 600k of information, but the information usu. cannot be changed
12. a device attached to a computer, used for making paper copies of material produced on the computer
13. a place on the outside of a computer where you plug in a cable that connects the computer to other devices, such as a printer
14. an electronic device that stores and allows changes in information through the use of instructions (programs) to do various types of tasks, like word processing and accounting
15. a computer diskette
16. machines, esp. computer equipment


1. disk, a thin flat circular plate
3. in a computer, a set of instructions that lets a person perform certain tasks, such as word processing, adding numbers, or reading information on the Internet; software is not part of

the machine itself
4. an arrow, black line or other sign on a computer screen that shows where you are writing.
5. a screen, as on a television or computer, that displays information
6. the surface on which a film or television show is seen
8. a small, portable computer
9. a row or rows of keys (on a piano, computer, etc.)
13. a set of coded instructions telling a computer how to process information


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