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Crossword Challenge 5

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2a plant shorter than a tree, usu. with branches and leaves (4)
3a kind of rodent with a long hairless tail, a pointed nose, and very sharp teeth (3)
4a circular piece of rubber that can stretch and wrap around things to hold them together (6,4)
8petroleum (3)
9a vehicle that flies in space (10)
10a white liquid produced from the breasts of female mammals (4)
12of a variety of leafy salad plants (7)
14calf meat (4)
15to mix or blend (4)
17a sour yellow citrus fruit (5)
19the partial or complete blocking out of one object when another passes in front (7)
22a large sports hall, usu. with seats for people to watch games (3)
23a scientist who studies heavenly bodies and outer space (10)
24a plant with a root (3)
26to move s.t. (such as a spoon) in a circular motion through a liquid or mixture (4)
28the part of a plant that grows downward into the soil and brings food and water into the plant (4)


1a plant with leaves, used esp. for decoration around buildings and in

parks (5)
2to cook meat and other food on a metal grill over an open fire, usu. outside (8)
4to cook at a high temperature, as in an oven (5)
5A highly polished glass that reflects images from behind the car for the driver (4,4,6)
6a place, esp. a showroom, to display works of art, such as paintings, sculpture, etc. (3,7)
7any of a variety of four-legged
meat-eating animals usu. kept as pets or to work (for farmers, police, etc.) (3)
9gas in the air made by heated water under pressure (5)
10the fourth planet in the solar system, between Earth and Jupiter (4)
11laboratory (3)
13the branch of government and its workers who keep track of the goods brought into a country (7)
16a tall, leafy shade tree (3)
18a material made of string, wire,
etc., knotted or twisted together, used for a specific purpose (3)
20a round fruit with smooth, often deep purple skin and juicy flesh (4)
21a round or oval-shaped shell in which a baby bird, reptile, or insect grows (3)
25the smallest unit of matter, a nucleus surrounded by protons and electrons (4)
27outer covering of a vehicle's wheel where air is put (4)


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