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Crossword Challenge 4

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2a sticky liquid or solid that joins things together (4)
4a kind of rodent with a long hairless tail, a pointed nose, and very sharp teeth (3)
6a legal counselor, lawyer (8)
8the study of the most basic forms of matter, energy, and motion, including heat, light, sound, and electricity (7)
9place where airplanes take off and land (6)
11a solid or soft food made from the thickest part of milk (6)
14meeting between teacher and students for educational purposes (5)
16the closest planet to the sun (7)
17a round or oval-shaped shell in which a baby bird, reptile, or insect grows (3)
19a large sports hall, usu. with seats for people to watch games (3)
20a large, often public vehicle used to carry passengers (3)


1a small paper with a person's name, business address, and telephone number, etc. (8,4)
2a liquid produced from petroleum, used as an engine fuel (8)
3any of several electrical devices used to dry (hair, clothes, etc.) (5)
5game played on a court with two or four players who use rackets to hit the ball over a net, so that

the opponent(s) cannot hit it back (6)
7an herb used to flavor food (5)
10making or expressing of that which is beautiful: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, drama, dance, etc. (3)
12a tall, leafy shade tree (3)
13a small, nail-like object with spiral indents, put into wood or
metal with a turning motion (5)
15gas in the air made by heated water under pressure (5)
18a car that carries passengers for a fare (3)
19air-like substance, which usu. cannot be seen, that is not a liquid or solid (3)


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