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Crossword Challenge 3

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1. a heavy gray vapor near the ground that makes it difficult to see
2. tall, woody evergreen or deciduous plant with a trunk, branches, and leaves
3. a room or building used to display or sell art, usu. smaller than a museum
5. the courses offered at an educational institution (school, college, etc.)
7. a measure of 8 fluid ounces or 16 tablespoons
9. disk, a thin flat circular plate
10. plant in the cabbage family whose white, densely flowered head is eaten as a vegetable
12. a school or college program designed to teach students how to play sports, exercise, and maintain good health
16. a large, often public vehicle used to carry passengers
17. a mixture of various liquid flavorings to pour over a salad, such as oil and vinegar or honey and mustard
18. a type of video disc that holds a large amount of music, video, or text
19. to cook in a fatty substance, such as butter or vegetable oil
20. a line of vehicles, such as railroad cars pulled by a locomotive, subway cars, etc
21. a game in which people try to hit a small hard ball with a special stick (a club) into a small hole over a large outdoor course
24. an automobile
25. air-like substance, which usu. cannot be seen, that is not a liquid or solid
26. having a high degree of heat, burning

27. memorandum
28. a device, usu. a floor pedal in a vehicle, that increases the speed of an engine
30. a fruit with a hard shell or its seed
31. describing a bag that is carried on an airplane, bus, etc., instead of being stored in the luggage compartment
33. a small body of matter from outer space that burns up when it enters the earth's atmosphere
34. a tool with a long, sharp metal shaft that turns to bore holes
35. a person who flies into outer space


1. a shallow pan with a handle used for frying food
2. a station, depot (rail, bus, airline)

3. an object for measuring size, fuel, pressure, etc
4. an animal with a gray furry body, a ringed fuzzy tail, and dark rings around its eyes
5. meeting between teacher and students for educational purposes
6. in the USA, a diploma from a university or four-year college
8. the study of the most basic forms of matter, energy, and motion, including heat, light, sound, and electricity
11. person who sells real estate
13. a plant with a root
14. piece of land completely surrounded by water
15. a flat, covered surface on legs, used to spread out items for ironing
18. any of a variety of four-legged meat-eating animals usu. kept as pets or to work (for farmers,
police, etc.)
19. an animal usu. with scales that lives in water and uses gills to breathe
20. outer covering of a vehicle's wheel where air is put
22. a theater art in which a story is set to music
23. the bottom surface area inside a building
24. the large nut of the palm tree
29. a sour yellow citrus fruit
30. a small, thin, metal rod with a sharp point on the end, used to hold things together or to keep them in place
31. a general term for a group of four- legged, furry animals with sharp teeth and claws
32. a kind of rodent with a long hairless tail, a pointed nose, and very sharp teeth


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