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Crossword Challenge 2

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1. a variety of small dog-like animal with a thick furry tail, considered to be clever
2. a member of the onion family used as seasoning in food
4. a tropical plant with a fruit that is brown and rough on the outside and has a sweet, yellow, juicy flesh on the inside
6. tall hardwood tree that grows small nuts called acorns
7. a large spoon used for measuring and eating food
13. small, roundish bread
14. an electronic device that gives out sound (voices, music)
16. the room in a home where people sit, often to talk, read, or entertain
19. a sour yellow citrus fruit
21. a truck that drops its cargo by lifting its rear bed up
22. a large body of water around which the land bends
23. a tall, leafy shade tree
25. a machine or a system used to cool air in buildings
27. room for relaxation and study
28. the meat of cattle
29. a frozen mixture of cream, milk, flavors, and sweeteners
31. a tool for cutting with two blades and a handle held with two fingers
32. a heavy gray vapor near the ground that makes it difficult to see
35. a thick, creamy food made from milk and available plain or fruit flavored
37. a small, sweet bread often made of a grain, such as corn, bran, oats, etc
39. making or expressing of that which is beautiful: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, drama, dance, etc.
41. bags, suitcases, etc. used to carry clothing and other goods

while traveling
42. frozen water
43. s.o. whose job is to sell goods and services, a salesperson
45. any usu. box-shaped device used for cooking, baking, and heating food and other things
46. a stove for cooking


1. in USA, a sport played by two 11- person teams with the object of carrying or passing the ball over the opponent's goal line
3. a car that carries passengers for a fare
5. a round or oval, starchy root vegetable, usu. with white flesh and brown, red, or yellow skin
7. the lining of a cow's stomach
8. laboratory

9. a detective
10. a large monkey with a reddish brown coat and no tail, found in Sumatra and Borneo
11. the long, thin part of a plant from which a flower grows
12. strips of potatoes deep-fried in fat
15. a young, not fully grown leaf or flowe
16. an arm, leg, or wing of an animal
17. tool with metal or wooden teeth and a long handle, often used for collecting fallen leaves, small stones, etc
18. device that measures the distance a motor vehicle has traveled
20. a person who repairs and maintains machinery
22. a vegetable with thick green flowers and stems
24. a type of video disc that holds a
large amount of music, video, or text
26. a flower with a flat wheel of long, thin white or yellow petals
30. a round or oval-shaped shell in which a baby bird, reptile, or insect grows
32. very cold
33. a goalkeeper
34. a storage container for electricity
36. a dried grape
37. a tall shade tree that produces a sugary liquid
38. soft thread used to clean teeth
40. an automobile
41. a plant shorter than a tree, usu. with branches and leaves
44. a food dish of fruit, meat, or other foods cooked in a pastry crust


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