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Crossword Challenge 1

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1. a large boat
5. a small round piece of bread
6. a seasoning powder made from sweet red peppers
8. a type of video disc that holds a large amount of music, video, or text
9. a tall, leafy shade tree
11. device used to control the movements and direction of a model airplane, a video-game character, etc.
12. paper with horizontal and vertical lines on which graphs can be drawn
14. a stamp with printing on it and made of rubber
16. a small cake of chopped beef, usu. served on a roll as a sandwich
19. the star around which the Earth and other planets revolve and draw light, heat, and energy
20. booklet containing information about products, school courses, etc.
21. a tool with a handle and metal head used for pounding
24. grain, like wheat and oats, or food made of it
26. making or expressing of that which is beautiful: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, literature, drama, dance, etc.
28. two pieces of bread with other foods (such as cheese, meat, or vegetables) between them, eaten with the hands
30. a person who flies an aircraft
31. air-like substance, which usu. cannot be seen, that is not a liquid or solid
32. a tall plant with a large flower, often yellow or purple
33. a type of perfume
34. a common farm animal of the swine family, valued for its meat, with a fat round body, thick skin, short nose, legs, and tail
36. laboratory
38. of a variety of leafy salad plants
41. the sport of sliding down or

across snowy surfaces on skis
45. a cigar-shaped missile used to destroy military targets or to launch space vehicles
46. having a high degree of heat, burning
47. a small, round, usu. dark-red fruit that grows on a tre


2. meat of a pig, usu. from the thigh
3. a detective
4. sudden, violent movements of the earth's surface
6. a tropical plant with a fruit that is brown and rough on the outside and has a sweet, yellow, juicy flesh on the inside
7. a green plant with shiny leaves that can cover the ground or climb the walls of buildings
8. a wooden platform attached to a house
9. a round or oval-shaped shell in

which a baby bird, reptile, or insect grows
10. the group of sciences including physics, astronomy, and chemistry
13. a room or set of rooms designed as living space in a building or house
14. the part of a plant that grows downward into the soil and brings food and water into the plant
15. a large, often public vehicle used to carry passengers
16. in USA, a school for grades 9-12 or 10-12
17. a large sports hall, usu. with seats for people to watch games
18. a grain of the cereal grass family of ancient origin that is used for food and grows in watery areas
22. an object, esp. metal, with a magnetic field that attracts iron and steel
23. a stove for cooking
25. the partial or complete blocking out of one object when another passes in front
27. an examination, quiz to measure knowledge or ability
29. the hard material below the bark of trees
30. the meat of a pig
35. any of a variety of peppers with a hot, spicy taste, used fresh or dried in cooking
37. pages of words kept together with a paper or hard cover
38. a liquid measure equal to 33.824 ounces or 1.057 quarts
39. liquid food cooked, then served hot or cold, made from meat or vegetable juice, often with pieces of solid food
40. covered with fog, full of fog
42. a car that carries passengers for a fare
43. a kind of rodent with a long hairless tail, a pointed nose, and very sharp teeth
44. frozen water


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