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Cars and Car Parts

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1. a decorative and protective metal plate put on a wheel's hub
3. a thick wire that transfers electricity from a live car battery to help start a dead one
5. a machine that creates power, such as the engine in a car
8. outer covering of a vehicle's wheel where air is put
10. a storage container for electricity
11. a set of metal pipes with hot steam running through them, used to heat rooms and hallways
14. a substance, such as coal, oil, or gasoline, that when burned releases heat to provide energy and power
17. automobile, a four-wheel passenger vehicle
19. a machine that produces warmth
21. petroleum
22. a small box in front of the passenger's seat in a car that holds small items and has a door that opens and closes
23. a cloth covering for the head and neck (as part of a robe, coat, or jacket)
24. a gauge on a vehicle that shows a driver how fast he or she is going
27. a handle used to change from one gear to another
28. a light that goes on and off as a warning, such as a directional signal on a car
29. a machine that produces force and motion
31. a place that sells gasoline and repairs vehicles
32. a permit given by an official body, usu. to s.o. who passes an examination


1. a device that gives a warning sound
2. a liquid used in engine radiators to lower their freezing point
4. a bar on the back or front of a vehicle to protect it
6. a car with two or four doors and a trunk
7. a device for shifting gears
8. the storage space in the back of a car

9. a thin rubber blade on a metal rod that clears a vehicle's windshield of rain, snow, and dirt
12. a blower system used to clear mist, frost, or ice from windows of a car or other vehicle
13. a device that lowers sound as in a motor's exhaust system
15. an object for measuring size, fuel, pressure, etc
16. a long, thin piece of material that holds a person in a car seat for safety
18. the assembly that changes the
gears of an engine
20. a four-wheeled motor vehicle used to transport people from place to place
25. a rod, wire, dish, etc., used to receive or send electronic signals
26. a soft, flat piece of material placed between two surfaces (usu. metal), so that liquids and gases cannot come out
27. one of several speeds in a vehicle
30. gasoline


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