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A World of Animals

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1. a large member of the cat family, often tan with black spots
3. a very large mammal of Africa, India, and SE Asia with one or two horns on its nose
8. a small four-legged animal, related to a sheep, that has horns and a rough coat and gives milk
10. the male of cattle that can produce young
11. the adult female of cattle and some other large animals
12. an animal that digs for food and shelter in the ground and has tough skin made of hard plates
14. small animal of North America that makes holes in the ground
16. flying animal active at night that looks like a rat with wings
17. a farm bird raised for its eggs and meat
20. a small animal with black fur and white stripes that gives off a bad- smelling liquid when frightened or attacked
21. a variety of small dog-like animal with a thick furry tail, considered to be clever
22. a small animal with long ears, a small fuzzy tail, and soft white, gray, or brown fur
24. a two-legged animal from Australia that hops very fast and has a long tail
26. a large, four-footed, domesticated animal with hard hooves used for riding, work, and in some places for meat
28. a large African animal with a heavy body, gray skin, and a very large head and mouth
30. an animal often seen on farms, kept for its wool and for meat
31. a small, usu. gray animal with a long fluffy tail
32. the largest member of the deer family with dark brown coat, short neck, and long nose, living in northern North America, Europe,

and Asia
34. a South American animal, like a small camel without a hump, used to carry loads
36. a large animal with thick fur, sharp teeth, and claws
37. a young dog not fully grown
39. a large cat with a long tail and tan coat, found from western Canada to the tip of South America
40. an African animal with long legs, a very long neck, and a spotted coat


1. a large member of the cat family, found mainly in Africa
2. any of a variety of four-legged meat-eating animals usu. kept as pets or to work (for farmers, police, etc.)
3. a kind of rodent with a long hairless tail, a pointed nose, and

very sharp teeth
4. a baby cow or bull
5. an animal with a gray furry body, a ringed fuzzy tail, and dark rings around its eyes
6. large, fierce, wild yellow cat that lives in Asia
7. a large mammal from China that looks like a bear with black-and- white fur
9. a large monkey with a reddish brown coat and no tail, found in Sumatra and Borneo
13. a male chicken
15. a tool with a handle and metal head used for pounding
16. a large, four-legged, hoofed animal
18. a large domesticated pig
19. a small furry animal from Australia that looks like a little bear and lives in trees
23. a small squirrel-like animal with brown fur and black stripes on its back
24. a baby cat
25. an American marsupial animal with a pointed nose and a long bare tail that is active mostly at night and may pretend to be dead when in danger
27. the largest earthbound mammal, with four legs, usu. gray skin, a trunk, and long tusks
29. an animal of the rodent family, found widely in the Americas, that moves slowly and has stiff, sharp quills that can be raised to drive off enemies
33. a meat-eating, wild, dog-like animal of Africa and southeast Asia that is active at night
35. a young sheep or the meat from one
38. a common farm animal of the swine family, valued for its meat, with a fat round body, thick skin, short nose, legs, and tail


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