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At the Airport

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a trip by air
the coming to a place, appearance
a person who works at an airport, carrying luggage
a taxicab or cab
10 the sky above a country
12 an act of departing, a leaving
14 a thin luggage bag with a zipper used to carry suits and dresses
16 place where airplanes take off and land
17 a person who serves passengers on a plane and is responsible for their safety
19 the building in an airport where air traffic is routed in and out of the airport
22 a person who flies an aircraft
23 bags, suitcases, etc. used to carry clothing and other goods while traveling
24 a station, depot (rail, bus, airline)
26 an airplane
27 not requiring payment of duty fees
28 entrance or exit, usu. at an airport


an aircraft with one or two motorized blades on its top
a type of strong light that passes through the body and makes a picture of bones and other body parts

an airplane, glider, or other flight vehicle
to enter a ship, train, etc.
people who help keep buildings and other areas safe, guards
a foreign travel authorization
a flat, sturdy box with a top and bottom, usu. attached by hinges on one side and held closed by latches, and with a handle for carrying; made to carry suits and
other clothes when traveling
11 a person (other than the driver) who rides in a bus, boat, car, taxi, etc., esp. one not steering it
13 a machine for flying passengers or goods
15 a small path or field for planes to take off and land
18 a business that carries passengers and cargo by airplane
19 describing a bag that is carried on an airplane, bus, etc., instead of being stored in the luggage compartment
20 suitcases and bags used to carry clothing while traveling
21 a rise or ascent, as of an aircraft from the runway
25 to reach land


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