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sweat  /swt/  n. 1 [U] a salty moisture produced by the body through the skin when it is overheated: The runner's sweat soaked through his shirt. 2 [C] the condition of being covered in sweat from exertion or effort: She worked up a sweat in the gym.||He broke into a sweat from pushing his car. 3 usu.sing. [C] a state of worry or anxiety: We were in a sweat because we were late for the plane. 4 slang no sweat: without worry or difficulty: I told him that his job would be done on time, no sweat.
v. 1 [I] to produce sweat from heat, exertion, or hard work: She was sweating from working in her garden. 2 [I] to work hard: He sweat for long hours writing that report. 3 to make s.o. sweat: to make s.o. wait anxiously for an opinion or judgment: She made him sweat before she gave him an answer to his question. 4 phrasal v. sep. [T] to sweat s.t. out: to wait anxiously for s.t. to happen: While his wife was in the hospital, he sweated out her illness at home.||He sweated it out.