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direct  /drkt, da/  v. [T] 1 to guide, control: The police officer directed traffic. 2 to manage and guide in the arts: She directed a film (orchestra, play). 3 to lead, manage: Chief Executive Officers direct the affairs of large corporations. 4 to order, command: An officer directed the soldiers to attack. 5 to focus, turn: We directed our attention to the speaker. 6 to point, aim: A computer directs a missile to its target. 7 to send, route: The government directs aid to a disaster zone.
adj. 1 straight, without interruptions: We have little time, so we must go the most direct route. 2 open and honest: She liked his direct answers to her questions. 3 without anyone or anything coming between: direct sunlight, a direct result, direct knowledge of an event

Thesaurus: direct v. 1 to supervise | handle 3 to administer, conduct | steer 4 to instruct, tell. adj. 1 straightforward. Ant. indirect. 2 frank, plain 3 firsthand.