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base  /bes/  n. 1 the lower part of s.t., foundation: That vase is on a wooden base. 2 the point where a part of s.t. is connected to the whole: The boxer hit the base of his opponent's neck. 3 s.t. (a fact, an assumption, etc.) from which a start is made: We will begin with your salary as a base and give you a 5 percent increase. 4 the main place where one works or lives, (syn.) headquarters: They use their apartment in New York as a home base from which they travel frequently. 5 (in chemistry) a bitter-tasting substance that turns litmus paper blue 6 a military camp, building, airport, etc.: The Air Force planes flew back to their base. 7 (in baseball) one of four squares touched by runners 8 infrml. to get to first base: a. to start: He tried to get a new job but did not get to first base. b. slang to kiss 9 infrml. off base: wrong: She is off base in her ideas about what is wrong with the economy. 10 infrml. to touch all the bases: (from baseball) to address all major points: He touched all the bases in his talk about the new product. phrasal v. insep. [T] based, basing, bases: to base s.t. on s.t.: to use as a reason for doing s.t.: She based her decision to marry him on love, not money.
adj. baser, basest: 1 basic, (syn.) fundamental: These are the base figures for the house's value. 2 low, (syn.) undesirable: That man operates from base desires: sex, drugs, and greed. -adv. basely; -n. [U] baseness.